Sunglasses: a winter must-have

December 4, 2023

Protect your eyes from winter’s UV rays with sunglasses. Find out why sunglasses are a winter must-have and how they protect your eyes during the harsh winter months.

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When we think of winter, we think of cold weather, frosty days and layers of clothes to keep us warm. But one item that we tend to forget is sunglasses. Even though sunglasses are usually associated with hot summer days, they are also an important necessity for those winter days. Let’s take a look at what makes sunglasses the winter must-have for your wardrobe.

Why are sunglasses important in winter ?

1. Protect your eyes from the harm of UV rays

We may think that the sun is not as harmful in the winter as it is in the summer, but this is far from being true. The sun doesn’t disappear in those cold winter months. In fact, the UV rays from the sun can be just as harmful. Snow and ice act as reflective surfaces, intensifying the sun’s rays and therefore increasing your exposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Your eyes are being exposed to potential damage. Therefore, wearing sunglasses is important in protecting your eyes from those harmful UV rays.

2. Prevent snow blindness

Snow blindness, also known as photokeratitis, is a condition that can occur if your eyes are exposed to UV radiation. Think of it as a sunburn to the eye’s surface, which can be quite painful. To avoid this and prevent it from happening, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from the risk of developing photokeratitis.

3. Shield your eyes from the weather

The winter months drag with them the harsh weather conditions. From cold winds, to ice and frost, the eyes can be affected. Sunglasses can therefore act as a barrier and shield your eyes. Excessive dryness, irritation and discomfort can happen in the winter months due to the prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, sunglasses can shield your eyes from all that.

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for winter


Now that you know that protecting your eyes from the sun and the harsh conditions of the winter season is crucial, what should you consider when selecting your sunglasses ?

1. Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are a great choice to consider for sunglasses this winter. They contain a filter that blocks horizontal light waves, therefore reducing the glare caused by the reflection of the sun on the snow and ice. Therefore, sunglasses help minimize the glare and ultimately enhance visibility and clarity as you get ready to hit those ski hills.

2. UV protection

When picking sunglasses, make sure you choose a pair that offers 100% protection from UV rays. Find one that is certified with a level of UV protection. Then you can rest assured you’re shielding your eyes from those harmful rays of the sun.

3. Lens color and tint

The lenses of sunglasses come in a variety of colors and tints for a reason. Lenses that are more brown or amber in color enhance contrast and depth perception, making it easy to navigate those winter conditions. Furthermore, lenses with an anti-fog coating or scratch resistance are sure to make your winter months much easier when it comes to your visual experience.

As you gear up for the upcoming winter months, it’s important to have your sunglasses ready. They provide protection and should not only be reserved for summer days. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses, will help protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, prevent any eye sunburns and shield them from the harsh winter elements. LE LUNETIER offers a large selection of sunglasses to choose from allowing you to get ready for the winter months and add this must-have accessory to your wardrobe this season.