Our laboratories, within our LUNETIERS, allow us to cut lenses on site and quickly.

Our laboratories, within our LUNETIERS, allow us to cut lenses on site and quickly.

What does the edging process involve?

Before being fitted into the frame, the lenses are measured, centered, and shaped to match its form. They will then undergo treatment and polishing.

If we have the lenses with your prescription in our laboratories, it’s not uncommon for us to be able to edge your lenses on the same day you purchase your frame.

You won’t have to go without your glasses for very long anymore, nor will you need to worry about your lenses being damaged during transportation from an external lab to your clinic!

If over time your frames become larger: it is possible to go to your nearest LUNETIER and our teams of opticians will be happy to readjust your glasses… whether they are metal or plastic.


After selecting and receiving your pair of glasses, our opticians will be delighted to assist you in adjusting your frame to ensure your utmost comfort.

This is a crucial step for visual comfort, and a proper adjustment can make all the difference. Ill-fitting glasses can lead to eye strain, affect the alignment of your prescription, and reduce the clarity of your vision.


Have you had a small accident and your glasses require repair: broken pads, loose temple screws, spring change, welding, etc.? No worries ! Frame repair can be carried out on both acetate and metal glasses.

The opticians on site will make sure to repair your frames quickly (if possible).

Please note: unfortunately not all frames can be repaired… but sometimes, we can order the broken part or completely change the glasses if the warranty allows us to do so!

New user?

Our opticians provide you with training on how to insert, remove, care for, and take precautions with contact lenses.


At LE LUNETIER, our opticians are always attentive to your needs. Do you have an active lifestyle? Physiological constraints? Or simply aesthetic concerns related to wearing your frames? No problem, we have the right contact lenses for your needs!

The contact lens offers a nice complement to the glasses, allowing you to go about all your activities without hassle.

Do you have any fears? Not sure you’ll enjoy the experience? Take advantage of our trial service. Go home with your contact lenses before you even buy them. Live the experience and see clearly in your decision!*