The right look to attack those books: A guide for back-to-school eyewear

September 16, 2023

Eye exam - Le Lunetier

That time of the year has arrived… it’s back-to-school season! As students gear up to take that last dip in the pool and you begin preparing for carpools and homework, there is one thing that should be on the school supply list: eyewear! From blue light, to contact lenses, to prescription glasses, here’s a guide to your back-to-school eyecare essentials to begin the year on the right track!

What to focus on when buying your back-to-school eyewear

Investing in your child’s eyecare and eye health can be a game changer for their success at school. That’s why making sure you choose the right glasses is important for all facets of a school year.

  1. 1. Strong and sturdy: Kids will be kids and therefore they will run, play and may drop their glasses. You want to make sure you choose durable eyewear that can sustain the wear and tear of child’s play.
  2. Focus on the fit: The way glasses fit on a face is essential for long lasting comfort. T To ensure this, it’s imperative that the glasses are well rested on the bridge of the nose and around the temple area of the face.
  3. Stylish but safe: There’s no doubt that a stylish pair of glasses will encourage your child to wear them. Involving your child in the purchase of their eyeglasses and having them choose a cool pair that they like, can give them the confidence they need to wear them. However, it’s important to make sure the eyeglasses they choose are kid friendly and safe, with more rounded edges and resistant lenses.

Why blue light glasses are your new study buddy

Most of us are in front of an electronic device for most of the day. Whether researching information online for a school project, or on a zoom meeting with classroom peers, students are exposed to blue-violet light that is emitted by digital screens. Long term exposure can lead to digital eye strain. Having a pair of blue light filtering glasses can keep eyes protected from those rays. With a variety of frames available, you can style your blue-light filtering glasses from aviators, to geometric, to classic style frames. Studying in style can now be made healthy for your eyes!

Grab your sunglasses for a bright future

Soaking in those last rays during recess? Protect your eyes from the sun while catching up with friends. You can look into polarized lenses or tinted UV lenses in all types of trendy styles. From trendy cat-eye frames to aviators, begin the school year with confidence and style, and elevate your look with a top-of-the-line pair of protective sunglasses, to ensure a bright academic year ahead, and a focus on your studies.

New contacts for those extra-curricular activities

Want to join a fitness group or be part of the swimming team at school? No problem, you can while still taking care of your eyes. Contact lenses are therefore the way to go, and there are different brands available depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking for daily ones, monthly ones or simply disposable contact lenses, you can sign yourself up to extra-curricular school activities without worrying about maintaining your eyesight.

Beginning a new school year can be challenging, but your eyecare solution doesn’t have to be. Let us at LE LUNETIER help you find the perfect pair of glasses for a successful back-to-school. With the right eyewear for every step of the school year, you can be ready to attack it clearly.