Eye examination

The health of your eyes should not be neglected and we understand that at LE LUNETIER! Our optometrists are trained to detect all common vision disorders.

Each branch offers complete eye exams, done by optometrists ready to see you day and evening and even on Saturdays. Our professionals easily perform visual exams for the entire family. Your little one’s eye exam has never been so pleasant!

The use of retinal cameras allows our optometrists to have a precise and detailed view of the back of your eye. This quick, patient-friendly examination helps detect and monitor several eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or retinitis.

The complete eye exam includes several tests:

Visual Acuity

Measurement of the eye’s ability to discern details. This measurement is made possible using the Snellen chart.


Measurement of the eye’s power. Refraction determines the presence of myopia, hyperopia (poor close-up vision), astigmatism, and/or presbyopia.


Measurement of the curvature of the cornea. Keratometry is useful in fitting contact lenses as well as in screening for certain corneal diseases.

Binocularity Evaluation

Assessment of the ability of both eyes to work together. Adequate muscular synergy enables stereoscopic vision.

Ocular emergency

Red eye? Eye pain? Sudden vision problem?

Red eye? Eye pain? Sudden vision problem? LE LUNETIER offers you an emergency eye service. Our qualified optometrists will assess your condition, treat certain pathologies and refer you to the right resources.

Call the boutique nearest you and request an appointment for a quick consultation!

Lens cutting

Our laboratories, within our branches, allow us to cut glasses on site and quickly. It is not uncommon for us to be able to cut your lenses the same day you purchase your frames.

You will no longer have to go without your glasses for very long or worry that your lenses will be damaged by transport!

Frame adjustment and repair

After selecting and receiving your pair of glasses, our opticians will be delighted to assist you in adjusting your frame to ensure your utmost comfort.

Have you had a minor accident and your glasses need repair? No worries ! The opticians on site will make sure to repair your frames quickly.

Contact lens fitting

At LE LUNETIER, we are always attentive to your needs. Do you have an active lifestyle? Physiological constraints? Or simply aesthetic concerns related to wearing your frames? No problem, we have the right contact lens for your needs! The contact lens offers a nice complement to the glasses, allowing you to go about all your activities without hassle.

Do you have any fears? Not sure you’ll enjoy the experience? Take advantage of our trial service. Go home with your contact lenses before you even buy them. Live the experience and see clearly in your decision!*

New user? We will provide you with training on the installation, removal, maintenance and precautions to take with contact lenses.


Our in-store specialists are committed to your satisfaction. We are aware that beyond their primary function, which is to correct your vision, your glasses are also an important fashion accessory! They should reflect your tastes and lifestyle. Our opticians and stylists make sure to assist you throughout the process of choosing a frame while advising you according to your needs, the appearance of your face and your tastes.

A camera, made available to you in the branch, allows you to take a photo of yourself with the chosen frames so that you can compare up to four models at a time.

In store, you will find a very wide range of products from the biggest brands at the best prices guaranteed.

Impossible not to find glasses to suit your face!